1.5ton Cast Aluminum Alloy Continuous Smelting And Heat Treatment Furnace


1.5ton Cast Aluminum Alloy Continuous Smelting And Heat Treatment Furnace


The furnace consists of intermediate frequency induction power supply units, compensation capacitor bank, hydraulic station, Yoke, Steel shell furnace body, water cooled cable, control box and so on. Induction Furnace mainly application for Alloy Manufacturing, Aluminum Melting, Copper & Copper Alloy Melting, High Temperature Graphite Heating, Induction Heating for the Steel Industry, Investment Casting, Iron Melting, Precious Metals Melting, Rare Earth & Other Materials Melting, Recycling & Processing, Silicon Melting, Steel & Stainless Steel Melting, Universities & Laboratories, Zinc Melting. The equipment is applied to metallurgical industry, foundry industry, nonmetal smelting industry etc.,with the characteristics of high melting efficiency, good electricity saving effect, uniform metal composition, less burning loss, fast temperature rise and easy temperature control.


Main Features:
1) Simple and convenient installation, easy operation, low equipment costs
2) Suitable for small scale production
3) Low maintenance cost


Products advantages:
1.Under normal working conditions, the power consumption per ton of aluminium smelting is 330KW.h.
2. The whole process of power factor is more than 0.96, and no additional compensation device is needed.
3. Effectively control high-order harmonics, do not interfere with the surrounding electrical equipment, do not pollute the power grid;
4. Wide frequency adaptation range, and the best resonance state is always maintained in the melting process.
5. Zero voltage scanning soft start mode can start or stop at any time, without impact on the power supply.
6. Quick smelting, low production cost, low pollution and meeting the requirements of national environmental protection.
7. It can be melted directly from the cold stove, the solution can be emptied completely, and the replacement of the melting material is convenient.
8. The power adjustment is flexible and convenient, and can be adjusted continuously and smoothly.
9. The furnace shell is made of steel structure or cast aluminum alloy. It occupies a small area. The furnace body is easy to turn over and dump. Manual, electric and hydraulic tilting methods can be used.
10. leakage alarm device, timely and effective protection of personal and equipment safety;
11. The lining ejection mechanism can change the lining quickly and efficiently, and improve the production efficiency.
12. Wide range of frequency adaption, quick smelting, low production cost, uniform temperature and easy control.
13. The furnace body is easy to reverse and pour, and the metal composition is uniform.
14. Small area, effective control of high order harmonics;
15. Good stability, which helps prolong the lining life.
16. Low noise, the working environment is good.
17. The function of steel shell is strong, not easy to damage and safe.
18. The unique water-cooled cable connection makes the water cooled cable move the smallest when it tilting, and improves its service life.
19. The function of the furnace cover is to reduce the heat loss to the lowest.
20. According to the different requirements of various metal smelting, careful design.
21. All kinds of induction coils, reasonable selection of copper tube wall thickness and specifications, thereby improving the utilization of electric energy;
22. The solid coil support design eliminates the possibility of inter turn short circuit and greatly prolongs the service life of the induction coil.
23. High performance insulation materials are used.
24. The coil around the magnetic yoke covered more than 50% to reduce leakage.
25. Use cooling ring at the top and bottom to prolong lining life.
26. The interturn clearance of induction coil is easy to maintain and is conducive to the release of water vapor.
27. To improve the working environment, a smoke dust collecting device can be used.


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