Single-door electric elevator self-locking aging furnace

Self-locking aging furnace of single-door electric elevator of overview

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4-18 basket aluminum aging oven/aluminum profile aging furnace/aluminum profile aging furnace/aluminum extrusion aging furnace

I. functions of aluminum aging furnace (aluminum aging furnace)

Fengsi aluminum aging furnace (aluminum to aluminum tonggu)

4. Six-basket type single-door aging furnace

Single-door electric elevator self-locking aging furnace

IV parameters of 6 m single door aging furnace

The product description

The size of the basket is 6000 * 1000 * 650mm

The chamber size is 7500 * 2300 * 2300mm

There are 6 baskets, 2 rows in each layer, 3 layers in total.

The maximum section length is 6.5 meters for the furnace

Overall size 8600 * 2700 * 3400mm (door and circulation furnace) fan

Side thickness: 200mm

Top: 160 mm

Bottom: 120 mm

Circulating fan air volume: 65000 m3 / h, motor power: 30 KW

The fan is controlled by frequency to save energy.

Gas, direct heating model

Rated operating temperature. 205 ° c.

Maximum operating temperature 250°C

Single door electric lift furnace door

Since the lock

Working time less than 90 minutes (from room temperature to rated temperature)

After the temperature is maintained for 30 minutes, the temperature difference is less than 5°C

. Control 4 K thermocouple, the temperature automatically displayed on the screen.

Automatic temperature control with alarm system

Furnace structure support: made of high quality steel

Seal plate: Q235

Insulating board material: high quality aluminum silicate fiber

Surface temperature. The maximum temperature of the furnace is 20°C higher than room temperature

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