Bogie hearth type aluminum aging furnace

The product description

Vertical aluminium alloy furnace

Bogie hearth type aluminum aging furnace

Application field

The vertical aluminum alloy furnace is mainly used for rapid quenching and tempering heat treatment of aluminum alloy castings.


1. Suspension operation, good thermal stability, uniform temperature.

2. The electric furnace is equipped with a charging car, which adopts manual and automatic control.

3. PID automatic temperature control, high temperature control precision.

Main technical parameters

Model JN94-383 JN94-398 JN94-144 JN94-3414 
Rated power(KW)6090150100
Rated voltage(V)380380380380
Max. temperature(℃)650650650650
Working temperature(℃)0-6500-6500-6500-650
Furnace hearth size(mm)Length(mm)---- 1400 1100 
Width(mm) 800(Dia) 1000(Dia) 1400 1100 
Height(mm) 700(depth) 1000(depth) 1200 1400 
Heating element connectionYYYY
No-load heating up time(h) ≤2 ≤2  ≤2.5 ≤3 
No-load furnace power losses(KW)  ≤13   ≤18  ≤32  ≤18
Temperature control accuracy(℃)  ±1  ±1  ±1 ±1  

 Notes: Various sizes furnace can be customized as user's needs.

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