Industrial Furnace Bell Type Annealing Furnace

Bell type furnace.png

Product Application

1.  In chemical analysis.

2.  Physical decomposition and synthesis,superhard materials (such as ceramic)

3.  Metal heat treatment of sintering process research and other scientific experiments

4.  Universities and colleges, scientific research institutes

5.  Rare and precious metal smelting and purification

6.  Small pieces of steel hardening, annealing, tempering

Main Technical parameter

Dimension(L*W*H): 150*150*150mm Can customize

Working Temp: 1600°C

Max Temp: 1700°C Can customize

Heating Rate: 1 °C/h to 40 °C/min adjustable

Temperature Accuracy: +/-1°C

Temperature Controller: 30 steps programmable and auto control

Thermocouple: B Type

Heating Element: Silicon molybdenum rods(MoSi2)

Refractory: Imported high purity alumina fiber  

Working Voltage AC: AC  220V/380,50/60 Hz (or according to your requirements)

Max. Power: 8KW

The Furnace Materials: Imported Morgan materials

Furnace sturcture: Double shell steel case with air cooling.

Chamber size/Inner size(Wx Hx D mm): 150x150x150mm (6" x6" x6" )

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