High Temperature Hot Selling Bell Type Annealing Furnace


Product Description

Furnace lining,:furnace body side, back, front, top, oven door adopt the whole fiber lining,
Bogie composite furnace lining: support the workpiece car lining at the bottom of the (QZ) - 1.0 light clay brick, heat preservation brick masonry insulation thermal insulation layer, the upper with high thermal shock resistant large heavy brick set prescription form, its high strength, large brick support artifacts weight good impact resistance;Squares in the use of lightweight brick clay brick, heavy setting of composite lining, and longitudinal and transverse YanTai left arch expansion joint, in order to prevent the fire brick up outside.

Annealing furnace suitable for steel wire aluminum wire copper wire

Main features:

1. High productivity: the same speed as the drawing machine

2. Horizontal type-stability

3. We can design for your own use

4. Operation guidance, after sale warranty

Main technical parameters

1 furnace size:800mm

2 loading height: 1800mm

3 Heating mode: electric heating

4 Power supply: 380v 50HZ

5The highest use temperature:680-750℃

6 Heating power:75-110kw

7 Control section:three 

8 The precision of temperature control:±10℃

9 A loading capacity: about 1.7ton

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