Bell jar type electric vacuum bright annealing furnace

Bell type furnace

Bell jar type electric vacuum bright annealing furnace

A brief

Bell jar furnace is a new type of energy - saving batch furnace. Mainly used for coil, coil, red copper, brass, alloy copper rolled silicon steel plate, used for non-oxidation bright heat treatment.

The structure of the body

The bell jar furnace is mainly composed of 1 heat shield, 2 furnace bottoms, 2 inner covers, cooling caps, valve brakes and pipes.


1. Strong convection cycle, shortening heat treatment cycle, high efficiency;

2. PPM sealing mechanism is adopted in the connection part to make the atmosphere more stable and avoid mixing hydrogen or other protective atmosphere with air;

3. Microcomputer intelligent instrument is adopted to control the furnace temperature, which can be controlled automatically.

Technical parameters

Model RZ-100/200-8RZ-120/250-8 RZ-140/290-8 RZ-160/320-8 
Effective loading diameter (mm) 1000 1200 1400 1600 
Effective loading height (mm) 2000250029003200
Max loading capacity (t)5102030
Working temp(℃)850850850850
Heating power(kw)150210280360
Fan heat cycle power(kw) 15/22 15/2210/37  10/37
Heat cycle rpm fan speed (rpm) 750/1500 750/1500 750/1500 750/1500 
Diameter blower fans (mm) 640640850850
Control temp accuracy (℃) <±3 <±3 <±3 <±3 
Cooling fan power (kw) 5*2 0.75*2 0.75*2 1.1*2 
Cooling water consumption (t/h)8101214
Protective gas consumption (m3/h)8141825

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