Bell jar furnace for wire annealing/industrial furnace heat treatment

Metal induction wire annealing furnace

Bell jar furnace for wire annealingindustrial furnace heat treatment

1. Features: the annealing furnace is black annealing wire, soft wire special equipment. The equipment is composed of inner box, outer box, cover, heating element and temperature control cabinet. The inner tank is welded with high quality stainless steel and the outer tank is welded with steel plate with insulation layer. The equipment has high technical content, easy operation, uniform heating and energy saving.

2. Product use: the finished black wire is used for binding and galvanizing.

3. Components: 1 set of outer furnace tank, 1 set of inner furnace tank, and 1 set of electric gas tank

4. Production capacity: 3-8 tons/time

We have several sizes of ovens to meet customers' requirements.

Annealing furnace

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