Bell Type Bright Annealing Furnace Used For Coil And Wire Steel


Product Description

This bell type annealing furnace is mainly composed of 1 heating shield,2 furnace base,2 inner cover,cooling cover, valve braket and pipeline.


1.Strong convective circulation,shortening heat treatment cycle and high efficiency;

2.Using PPM sealing mechanism in the connection part, more stable atmosphere, can avoid H2 or other protective atmosphere combined with air;

3.Using the microcomputer intelligent instrument to control furnace temperature, can perform auto control.

Product Application

Bell type annealing furnace is new type and energy-saving batch type furnace.Mainly used for coiled stock, pipe coil, coiled silicon steel sheet of red copper, brass, alloy copper for no oxygen bright heat treatment.

Main Technical parameter

Effective loading diameter (mm): 1000

Effective loading height (mm): 2000

Max loading capacity (t): 5

Max. working temperature(℃): 850

Heating power(kw): 150

Fan heat cycle power(kw): 15/22

Heat cycle rpm fan speed (rpm): 750/1500

Diameter blower fans (mm) : 640

Control temperature accuracy (℃): <±3

Cooling fan power (kw): 0.5*2

Cooling water consumption (t/h): 8

Protective gas consumption( m3/h): 8

Weight (t): 20

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