Vacuum Tempering Furnace


Product description :

1. The furnace is a horizontal single-chamber horizontal charge structure, can also be designed as a vertical vacuum furnace;

2. High-temperature molybdenum heating zone or isostatic graphite heating, molybdenum and aluminum silicate insulation fiber mat insulation, good temperature uniformity;

3. The furnace is equipped with temperature, pressure, water pressure, vacuum and other interlocking features, with a high degree of safety protection and prevention functions;

4. With remote control operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program updates and other functions;


Application :

Mainly used for tool steel, die steel, high-speed steel, high strength steel, titanium and other materials after vacuum quenching vacuum tempering (vacuum aging). The purpose of vacuum tempering is to maintain the advantages of vacuum quenching of the material (the product is not oxidized, not decarburization, no carbon, bright surface, non-corrosive pollution, etc.).


Parameter :

Working zone size : 800 x 800 x 1500 mm

Loading capacity : 1000kg

Ultimate vacuum : 2 x 10-3 pa

Max temperature : 750 ℃

Temperature uniformity : 5℃ 

Pressure rise rate : ≤ 0.4℃  

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