Low power fast induction melting furnace/medium frequency furnace

Features of induction heating melting furnace:

1. Induction heating melting furnace USES crucible to heat metal at high temperature, and then it can be melted, refined, cast and other production. 2. Can melt platinum, rhodium and palladium, gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminum, activated carbon, gold powder, electrolytic mud, gold and silver powder, tin ash tin slag, etc. 3. The induction heating melting furnace can melt weight 0.001kg --500KG each time. The melting time ranges from 5--40 minutes, and the highest temperature is 1500C--2000C.

Low power fast induction melting furnace/medium frequency furnace

Induction heating melting furnace has fixed type, push out type, automatic pouring type, furnace upper and lower mobile.

Advantages of induction melting furnace:

1.IGBT (INFINEON) technology, high conversion efficiency;

2. Compared with SCR/KGPS technology, 15%-30% energy saving is more efficient than gas and coal burning methods

100% startup success rate; Power factor > 95%

3. Perfect protection function to improve the reliability and stability of the machine

4. No special basis, low operating cost and easy to operate

5. Modular design, easy to maintain and repair

Main applications of induction furnace:

Heat treatment: auto parts, motorcycles, hardware tools, gear, sprocket, pneumatic, hydraulic parts of quenching, annealing, tempering. Hot forming: diathermy of small workpiece, hot forging and hot rolling of twist drill. Welding: turning/woodworking tools, drill bits, serrated blades, steel, copper wall, similar metal welding. Metal melting: vacuum forming, casting forming and evaporation coating of gold, silver, iron, aluminum and other metals. Other applications: production of semiconductor single crystal, with heat, bottle seal, toothpaste seal, powder coating, metal embedded plastic and other characteristics

Standard induction furnace main parameter :


Steel, iron, 

nickel, chromium

 Gold, silver

Copper, tin, 

antimony, lead,

 zinc and germanium

Aluminum, silicon, 

titanium and 





melting time
HTM-15  200G2KG2KG500G220v7kw≤8minutes
HTM-25  500G3-5KG3-5KG0.5KG380v15kw≤8minutes
HTMM-45  15KG60KG60KG30KG380v45kw≤30minutes
HTMM-90 45KG120KG120KG50KG380v90kw≤30minutes

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