induction heating and heat treatment of steel of principle

induction heating and heat treatment of steel of principle

The principle of induction heat treatment of steel consists of two parts: the physical principle of rapid heating of steel and the metallic principle of rapid heating of steel. These two basic principles are respectively introduced as follows:

The physics of inductive heating of steel

Induction heating is one of the rapid heating methods of metal. It can use high energy flow density to quickly heat the steel to the heat treatment temperature. This heating method has a high utilization rate of heat energy and is widely used in industrial production. Recently, it has been developed rapidly in the field of steel heat treatment.

Basic circuit of steel induction heating and conversion of magnetic, electric and thermal energy

The heated metal is placed in the induction coil, where an alternating magnetic field is generated when an alternating current is sent to the coil. A metal conductor in an alternating magnetic field cuts magnetic field lines and generates an induced current inside the metal. An induced current flows through a metal, overcoming its resistance to convert electrical energy into heat, thus heating the metal. This is the process of conversion of magnetism, electricity, and heat, which is the process of induction heating.

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