induction heat treatment quenching process of bending cutters

induction heat treatment quenching process of bending cutters

The bending knife is a working part of the bending machine, which is used for sheet metal bending. It is required to have sufficient strength and toughness, and the mold mouth should be hard enough. The design material is T8A, the overall quality is 250 ~ 280HBW, the die quenching hardness is 48 ~ 52HRC. Through heat treatment trial production, summary and improvement, the surface quenching of mold mouth has been realized satisfactorily, meeting the design requirements.

The influence of part structure on induction heating quenching Due to functional requirements, the section size of die opening that needs high-frequency quenching varies greatly and is in the shape of a sharp Angle (the included Angle of die opening is 88° and the transition radius is 0.5mm). This shape is extremely unfavorable for high-frequency quenching. First of all, it is easy to be affected by the sharp Angle effect during heating, and the eddy density is too concentrated and the temperature is too high, which leads to overheating and overburning. In the subsequent cooling, the sharp Angle is the most intense cooling due to its small heat capacity and large heat dissipation surface, which is easy to cause accidents due to too fast cooling. The sharp Angle is in double danger of heating and cooling.

Specific determine according to the parts characteristics of quenching scheme, with the continuous heating quenching, sensor fixed, fixed on the rail car parts, level along the axis direction of movement, taking the pressure sensor to fine-tune the distance between the sensors and parts, thus to simplify the structure of the fixture, lower accuracy, cost savings, at the same time, the time of spray surface has better grasp, to achieve the consistency of the control. The quenching part is of sharp Angle type. In order to reduce its adverse effect, combined with the grinding allowance, the sharp Angle part is processed into a 2mm wide plane shape, so as to carry out shape and quality compensation and comprehensively improve the process performance.

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