Type of oil filter and applicable oil products?

What are the models and applicable oil products of oil filter?

Type of oil filter and applicable oil products?

1. Insulation oil two-stage vacuum oil filter ZL-JS series are applicable to transformer oil, insulation oil, silicon oil, etc.

2. Insulating oil ZL-J series of high-efficiency vacuum oil filter applies to transformer oil, transformer insulation oil, circuit breaker oil, switch oil, etc.

3. Ty-q series of vacuum oil filter for turbine oil: turbine oil.

4. Ty-r series of lubricating oil vacuum filter: lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, refrigerating oil, compressor oil, etc.;

5. Anti-fuel vacuum filter KQ-R series applicable oil: anti-phosphate ester fuel;

6. Ty-b series of explosion-proof vacuum oil filter: lubricating oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, insulation oil, etc.;

7. Js-jy series of coalesce oil filter is applicable to diesel oil, kerosene and light oil, etc.

8. Explosion-proof precision oil filter BJL-B series applicable oil: lubricating oil, insulation oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, etc.

9. Decolorizing and purifying all-in-one machine KTS series is suitable for oil: lubricating oil, transformer oil, insulating oil, etc

10. Short-range molecular distillation equipment KTS-I series applies to oil: waste oil, waste lubricating oil, waste liquid, pressure oil, waste diesel oil, etc

11. Plate and frame oil filter LY series applicable to oil: turbine oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, insulation oil, etc

12. LX series centrifugal oil filter is suitable for diesel engine power station and other equipment fuel oil and lubricating oil

13. YJL series lubricating oil, turbine oil, etc

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