Surface hardening heat treatment of induction quenching shaft

In the whole process, the surface of the steel member is heated to produce ferrite, and then the sprayer is heat-treated to produce austenite. The result is the hard bottom layer under residual shrinkage and the core under residual support.

There is an interface from reduction to support at the shell - key page, and large residual tensile stresses are generally located around the interface. The dimension of the valley stress and the sharpness of the connection are the independent variables of the whole process, such as the frequency after heating and before heat treatment, output power, heating time and waiting time. The strength of the steel also endangers the in-situ stress levels and joint characteristics.

During the application period, most of the ground stress released by the heat treatment of metal is summed up with the internal stress maintained by the surface hardening. Because valley value residuary support force produces in the key below hard ground condition, high ground stress will cause the fatigue crack that encloses shell - key page is in, if exist, this kind of aperture will cause too early invalid. The location and size of the valley residual tensile stress and the sharpness of its connection from reduction to rason immediately compromise the component characteristics.

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