Refractory for induction heating and heat treatment equipment of steel rolling

Specializing in the production of steel rolling induction heating and heat treatment equipment, to provide thousands of sets of domestic steel rolling induction heating equipment, rolling industrial furnaces are mainly heating furnace, soaking furnace and heat treatment furnace.

Refractory for induction heating and heat treatment equipment of steel rolling

Refractory for induction heating furnace

Heating furnace is a thermal equipment used in rolling mill or forging mill to heat billet or small ingot. It is mainly composed of furnace top, furnace wall and bottom, air and gas preheating device, water-cooled pipe slide rail system, flue and chimney, etc.

The operating temperature of the heating furnace is generally below 1400. For continuous or annular heating furnace, the furnace temperature of each part can be divided into three sections: low, medium and high temperature, which are pre-tropical zone, heating zone and average tropical zone respectively. The temperature is soo-qOOT, 1150-1400 ^ and 1200 ~ 1300V respectively. The damage of furnace lining is mainly caused by temperature wave caused by intermittent operation and stop and open furnace, which leads to furnace lining deformation and thermal spalling. The damage of the bottom and wall is mainly caused by the chemical reaction between the molten iron and the brick. Therefore, suitable refractories should be selected according to the conditions of different parts. Furnace and tropical and tropical furnace top with high aluminum hanging brick, the surface of a layer of insulation board. The furnace wall is constructed with high aluminum brick, clay brick, light clay brick and insulation board in turn. The heating furnace bottom is laid with magnesia-chrome brick or magnesia brick, clay brick, light clay brick and insulation board. Clay brick for working lining in pretropics. However, with the development of castable in recent years, heating furnace refractory castable proportion is more and more large, such as high aluminum cement refractory castable, clay combined with refractory castable, lightweight castable lining.

Refractory for soaking pit

Soaking pit is composed of cover, wall, bottom and heat exchange device. Its function is to heat the ingots uniformly to the rolling temperature for rolling into large, medium and small billets, and then rolling into a variety of steel. If the billet is produced by continuous casting machine, it can be rolled directly into a variety of steel products, without heating through the soaking pit.

In the past, the lining of soaking pit was mainly built with clay brick, high aluminum brick and silicon brick. At present, amorphous refractory or prefabricated blocks are mainly used in soaking pits. It mainly USES high aluminum castable containing stainless steel fiber. In short, the overall casting furnace wall, insulation lining with light insulation castable and refractory fiber products are its development trend.

Refractory for heat treatment furnace

Heat treatment furnace mainly refers to the heating metal to change its properties and structure of the thermal equipment. Various heat treatment processes include annealing, normalizing, tempering, carburizing and nitriding. The operating temperature of heat treatment furnace is generally lower than that of heating furnace and isogenous furnace. The general temperature is 500 ~ lOOO^ and there is no chemical erosion effect. Therefore, clay brick, light clay brick and light high aluminum brick are commonly used for furnace lining. At present, light refractory materials and refractory fibers are generally used as lining.

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