Jewelry melting machine equipment

Jewelry melting machine equipment (excellent manufacturing and energy saving, contact the manufacturer to solve the complex problems) frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating or induction heating for short, is a method of heating gold, silver and other metals by using the electromagnetic induction principle to transform the power frequency power supply into a specific frequency band power supply.

working principle:

The basic components of induction heating system include induction coil, AC power supply and workpiece. According to different heating objects, induction coils can be made into different shapes. The coil is connected with the power supply. The power supply provides alternating current for the coil. Through the alternating current of the coil, an alternating magnetic field is generated through the workpiece. The magnetic field causes eddy current to be generated by the worker to heat the coil.


1. The melting furnace has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency and low power consumption;

2. The temperature around the furnace is low, there is less smoke and dust, and the working environment is good;

3. The operation process is simple and the smelting operation is reliable;

4. Uniform heating temperature, less burning loss and even metal composition;

5. The casting quality is good, melting temperature is fast, furnace temperature is easy to control and production efficiency is high;

6. The utility rate of the melting furnace is high and the variety of the melting furnace is convenient to change.

7. The melting furnace is equipped with a water-cooling system, which makes the whole machine more stable and reliable.

Jewelry melting machine equipment

Methods: the gold can also be purified in the melting furnace. After the slag powder is put into the melting furnace, the impurities will be removed after the high temperature in the furnace. Slag removal powder is also called borax. All chemical stores sell it. The price is about 10 yuan / 500g.

Dosage: 20g for 1kg of gold, add or reduce by this standard.


The melting furnace includes medium frequency power cabinet and furnace body. It is convenient for fixed-point casting, saving raw materials and reducing labor intensity when casting single large work.


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