Induction heating equipment advantages

Fast heating: the heating speed is less than 1 second if the heating speed is fast (the heating speed can be used for adjustment and control); Wide heating range: can be used to heat various metal parts (according to the different operation of the switch to replace the detachable induction coil).

Easy to install: once connected with the power supply, induction coil, supply pipe and riser pipe can be used; It is small in size and light in weight. Easy to operate: you can learn to operate in a few minutes.

Quick start: heating operation can be started when water and power are available. Low power consumption: compared with the traditional vacuum tube hf equipment, can save about 70% of the power. The smaller the workpiece size, the lower the power consumption.

High efficiency: with the characteristics of uniform heating (suitable for adjusting the distance between induction coils to ensure the proper temperature required for each part of the workpiece), rapid heating, limited oxygen range, can prevent any waste after annealing.

Comprehensive protection: with overpressure, overcurrent, overheating, water shortage alarm indication, automatic control and protection functions. Controllable temperature: suitable for controlling the temperature of heating workpiece according to the preset heating time, thus controlling the heating temperature at a certain technical point.

Full load design: can work continuously for 24 hours; Small volume, light weight: the weight is only a few dozen kilograms, the limited floor area can effectively save workshop space.

Eliminate high voltage: it does not require a step-up transformer and can produce about 10,000 voltages, thus ensuring greater security.

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