Induction hardening technology for ball pin

Induction hardening technology for ball pin

Steering rod ball pin or upper and lower arm control ball pin is one of the important security parts in cars. In recent years, the induction heat treatment of ball head pin parts has a new trend, that is, the requirements for the depth and range of hardening layer of induction hardening parts are more and more stringent, and the surface roughness of hardened parts is more and more demanding. General truck or heavy truck ball pin parts of the larger size, the hardening layer range is relatively wide, through the traditional longitudinal magnetic field sensors, can be relatively easy to achieve in the process.

With the development of the family car industry, more and more car ball pin parts become smaller and smaller. The range of induction hardening layer is more and more narrow in order to avoid the size problem caused by the increase of martensite tissue volume and affect the performance of the joint. As is known to all, for induction hardening, the smaller the size of the part, the narrower the hardening range, the higher the technical difficulty. New technical requirements pose new challenges to heat treatment technicians. There are three different hardening zones for different USES:

(1) Spherical hardening;

(2) The sphere and rod are hardened simultaneously;

(3) Rod hardening is required only.

Due to the phenomenon of induced current and magnetic field jumping, the depth of hardened layer in the excessive area at the neck of the ball pin is the most difficult to control, while the first two types are relatively easy to control. For the third type, which only requires rod hardened ball pins, if the size of the part is small and the sphere of influence is controlled to a small extent, traditional longitudinal magnetic field sensors cannot be used.

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