Induction hardening process for metal heat treatment

Metal heat treatment neutral hardening and induction hardening process

Industrial-scale metal heat treatment processes are mainly used to improve the overall performance of metals required for future use. Such metal properties can include toughness, hardness, ductility, processability, fine grain structure, removal of residual stress and wear resistance Overall improvement.

Neutral hardening: Usually performed on steel, this heat treatment process involves quenching and tempering of the metal to maintain the final martensite or bainite microstructure. The neutral hardening of steel can improve the heavy load capacity of the metal, while improving its strength, toughness, and sometimes even its temperature resistance. Compared with other hardening processes, neutral hardening ensures that the natural chemical composition of the steel surface remains unchanged.

Induction hardening: This heat treatment process is specifically used to improve the mechanical properties of ferrous metals such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron, malleable cast iron or powder metal. In order to improve the wear resistance, surface hardness and total fatigue life of these metals, induction hardening produces a more hardened surface without disturbing the core microstructure of the metal.

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