Crucible materials for induction furnace smelting

(1) The refractoriness of crucible material is higher

The maximum temperature of molten steel can reach 1700 ℃. Therefore, the refractoriness of the crucible material should not be lower than 1700 ℃, at least 1750 ℃. The refractoriness of crucible material for smelting cast iron shall not be lower than 1600 ℃.

(2) The crucible material should have good chemical stability

Under the contact of high temperature molten steel, high vacuum and high alkaline slag, the crucible material should not participate in the chemical reaction and show good chemical stability.

(3) Good thermal shock resistance of crucible material

The crucible material should have good cold and heat resistance. It is suitable for tapping from high temperature molten steel to empty furnace, and it will not crack due to the stress produced in the crucible wall due to the sharp change of temperature. The better the thermal shock resistance is, the longer the service life of the crucible is.

(4) Crucible material should have certain high temperature strength

In the smelting process, the crucible undergoes various stress actions, such as the impact force of the furnace charge, the static pressure of the molten steel, the force of the electromagnetic stirring molten steel movement, the temperature difference stress of the crucible, etc. Therefore, the crucible material should have a certain high temperature strength and not crack under the action of various forces.

(5) Crucible material should have high insulation performance

The wall of the crucible between the liquid steel and the induction coil bears a voltage of tens to hundreds of volts. Therefore, it is required that the crucible material should have high insulation resistance at high temperature to avoid crucible breakdown.

(6) The thermal conductivity of crucible material is smaller

When the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the crucible is the largest, it can reach about 1400 ~ 1600 ℃. About 10% ~ 15% of the total heat is lost through the wall of the crucible. In order to reduce the heat loss and improve the heat efficiency, the crucible material should have low heat conductivity.

(7) Crucible material should not pollute the environment

As the crucible material in the use process, it should not release the substances that pollute the environment, and the waste after use will not cause harm to the environment.

(8) The crucible material should be supplied sufficiently and the price should be low

The consumption of crucible materials for smelting is relatively large, which requires sufficient supply and low price, which can ensure the production of materials.

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