Common sense of maintenance of induction heater in medium frequency furnace

1. Medium frequency diathermy furnace inductor, also known as through type inductor, according to the length of heating bow and arrow and the diameter of workpiece, the inductor has its own advantages and disadvantages. But generally speaking, the medium frequency diathermy inductor is relatively long (referring to the axial direction of the heating workpiece). Its purpose is to ensure the heating temperature and the temperature difference between the core and the surface when the beat of the heating workpiece is constant.

2. At present, there are basically two types of lining assembly of medium frequency heating inductor, one is the binding lining, the other is the assembling lining.

3. No matter whether the furnace lining is made by binding or assembling, it will change (mainly thermal expansion, cold contraction and oxidation) when it works at high temperature for a long time. In case of improper use, there will be collision of heating materials and extrusion of furnace lining. So the use of furnace lining has a certain period of time. This mainly depends on the use process.

4. Once cracks occur in the lining of medium frequency induction heating furnace, if the cracks are knotted, the lining shall be filled with knotting material in time when the cracks are not more than 2mm, if the cracks are more than 2mm, the lining shall be knotted again; if the cracks are fabricated, the lining shall be replaced. Therefore, the user should take necessary measures according to the actual situation, and do not act rashly, causing unnecessary consequences, burning the intermediate frequency heating sensor.

5. During the heating process of the intermediate frequency inductor, a lot of oxide scales will be accumulated in the intermediate frequency inductor due to the falling off of the heated workpiece. If the furnace lining is damaged, or cracked or cracked, if not cleaned in time, it is easy to ignite, resulting in overcurrent protection of intermediate frequency power supply, and it is easy to break through the coil of the inductor and cause the turn to turn short circuit of the inductor. Therefore, the oxide scale in the medium frequency inductor furnace shall be cleaned at least once every shift (8 hours).

6. The coil of medium frequency diathermy sensor is usually connected with water, and the heat generated by it is mainly taken away by water cooling. So there is enough water flow and water pressure to ensure that the copper tube of the intermediate frequency heating sensor flows through the necessary water. Therefore, the working pressure of cooling water shall not be less than 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa, the temperature of water inlet shall be less than 35 ℃, and the temperature of water outlet shall be less than 55 ℃. If the water pressure is not enough, the medium frequency heating inductor coil will be gasified and heated. If not found in time, the copper pipe will break and the water will overflow. And the sensor is in high temperature working condition, at this time, it is likely to explode, so the induction cooling water is very important.

7. For the newly manufactured intermediate frequency heating inductor just put into production, after the power supply is connected, bake at low power (generally around 30kW), and place the heating workpiece in the induction furnace for about 2 hours. The reason is that during the commissioning process, the manufacturer needs to supply water to the inductor. After the commissioning, there must be residual water in the inductor tube. Especially in winter, it is possible to form very thin ice. Therefore, the inductor must be damp. In order to ensure the service life of the furnace lining, the medium frequency heater newly put into production must be baked at low power, and then it can be produced at high power after 2 hours.

8. The water-cooled guide rail in the intermediate frequency heating inductor is actually the work track of heating workpiece, which has been working under high temperature. If the water supply is insufficient or the water pressure is insufficient, gasification, burning and deformation will occur, and the heated workpiece cannot pass through the inductor. Therefore, water cooling of water-cooled guide rail is also very important.

9. The water-cooled guide rail is worn during use, and the wall thickness of the water-cooled guide rail is 2mm generally. Therefore, the use of water-cooled guide rail has a certain period of time. If there is too much wear, replace it. Otherwise, once the water leaks, it will cause the rapid cooling of the furnace lining, which will directly affect the use effect of the furnace lining.

10. Once the dry guide rail (without water) is worn, deformed and replaced, it is forbidden to use the furnace lining as the guide rail for heating workpiece. In a word, the diathermy sensor is also inspected while observing in use. If any problem is found, it shall be handled in time. Only in this way can the normal use of the inductor be ensured without affecting the production.

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