Characteristics of induction heating surface quenching


The heating speed makes the pearlite into the heat treatment of austenitic transformation temperature rise, the transformation time is very short (no insulation), the transformation speed is very fast.

After quenching, the surface of the parts can obtain a very fine "hidden crystal martensite" structure, the surface of the parts than the ordinary quenching heat treatment slightly higher hardness (high 2-3HRC), lower brittleness, higher fatigue strength.

(3) parts are not easy to oxidation, decarbonization, and small deformation.

Parts quenching layer depth is easy to control, easy to achieve automation, high productivity.

Disadvantages: large equipment investment, only suitable for simple shape parts, complex shape parts, sensors are not easy to manufacture.

Preheat treatment of surface quenching

In order to ensure the quenching quality and improve the mechanical properties of the core part, the surface can be normalized or quenched and preheated before quenching. The parts with low mechanical properties can be preheated by normalizing. For the parts with high mechanical properties, it can be adjusted and preheated.

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