Tungsten furnace industrial vacuum furnace

Purpose: the qsh-vhp series is m ainly used for sintering of molten and high-melting metals, alloys, ceramics and other materials. It can also be used for bright, degelling treatment, or for the determination of physical and chemical properties of certain metals in ceramics at high temperature and vacuum. The interior contains no carbon, avoiding the problem of carbon pollution

Tungsten furnace industrial vacuum furnace features:

1. It has water cooling system, large filling capacity, high efficiency of complex parts, special requirements for parts, no need to supplement process products.

2. With interlock functions such as temperature, pressure, water pressure and vacuum, it has highly safe protection and prevention functions;

3. Remote control operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program update

Tungsten furnace industrial vacuum furnace

Product TypeQSH-VHP series
Max. temperature1200℃ ~2300℃

Rated Power


Heating elements

Tungsten wire


Tungsten rhenium thermocouples

Heating rate


Temperature control

Programmable and PID auto control

Temperature accuracy


Pressure Increase Rate


≤2Pa/ H

Process Gas


Ultimate vacuum


Working Size

Chamber size is customizable

Rated voltage

3 phase380V 50/60Hz


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