Scrap iron steel shell industrial induction furnace


Scrap iron steel shell industrial induction furnace


Description :


Our series resonant inverter medium frequency power supply can achieve that one furnace melting and the other furnace thermal insulation refining .So that this advanced technology achieves that one set of equipment is equivalent to two sets of equipment working at the same time.And the utilization rate of power transformer is very high.According to the theoretical calculation and field test, it can save half of the transformer capacity.Because of adopting SCR series rectifier , series resonant inverter it is with high power factor and keeps over 0.98 with high order harmonic wave pollution.It is no need to add reactive power compensation device and harmonic wave control device.The current of induction coils are small and the melting time is short.It can save electricity 20%.


Application :


1. With strong and durable, beautiful and generous furnace body.Especially for large capacity furnace which need the stronger steel structure .From the point of view of safety dumping has better adopt steel shell furnace.

2. Selenium steel made of magnetic yoke of the magnetic field lines generated by the induction coil has played the role of shielding emission to reduce the magnetic leakage so that it improves the efficiency and energy saving is 5%~8%.

3. The furnace cover reduces heat loss and improves the equipment safety.

4. Cyclone type smoke hood has excellent dust absorption , thermal insulation effect and take up a small space.

5. It has the bottom of the oxygen blowing, reducing carbon, slagging function.


Parameter :


IF Voltage(±10%V):3400V

DC Current(A):5330A

DC Voltage (V):1500V

Input Current (A):4350A

Input Voltage (V):575V 6 phases



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