Industrial vacuum brazing insulation pot furnace

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Industrial vacuum brazing insulation pot furnace



Description :


1. For the particularity of the thermos cup (pot) brazing, it can be designed as a one-two structure;

2. Multi-zone, stainless steel heating pipe and multi-layer stainless steel screen composed of synthetic furnace, temperature uniformity is good;

3. The entrance of the vacuum system is equipped with a gas condensing phase shifter and filter collection device to eliminate flux boil-off gas on the vacuum pump group pollution;

4. Unique regulation of anti-pollution technology to ensure long life vacuum regulation;

5. The furnace with temperature, pressure, water pressure, vacuum and other interlocking features, with a high degree of safety protection and prevention functions;

6. With remote control operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program updates and other functions;



Mainly used for vacuum cup (pot), radiator, air conditioning evaporator, condenser and other areas of vacuum brazing.


Parameter :


Effective working zone size : customized

Max temperature : 800degree

Ultimate vacuum : customized

Temperature uniformity :+/-5 degree

Loading capacity : customized








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