Industrial Heating treatment furnace


Industrial Heating treatment furnace


Description :


(1). Special furnace model design, composite type chamber wall, high efficient nozzle & heat exchanger and direct firing mode make thermal efficiency improved nearly one time than traditional steel wire heating treatment, energy consumption index has reached international advanced level.

(2). Accurate temperature controlling, furnace inner atmosphere controlling and high DV value operating make oxidation loss rate reduce 40.

(3). Special module design of oil feeding and metering pump control , make the error of furnace temperature control extremely minimal.

(4). Novel temperature air-fuel ratio(acoefficient)setting, controlling and displaying makes computer control system operated easily.

(5). No black smoke and pollution to environment.

(6). Special furnace structure makes working life longer, minor repair cycle is 3 years and 10 years of heavy repair cycle.


Application :

Heating furnace lining accessories include silicon carbide, white jade, stainless steel and overall knot. The customer can choose suitable one you need.If you have no special requirements, we will design suitable end heating furnace bolts according to the structure characteristics . Heterogeneous materials can be heated, and we can provide all kinds heating furnace according to your requirements.


Internal oven dimension (mm): 2000 x 3000 x 2000 ( W x D x H )

Max temperature : 1200 degree

Temperature uniformity : +/-10

Capacity : 8150kg

Pressure before combusion of buner : 4~8Kpa

Combustion air pressure : 4~5Kpa















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