Heating process Industrial Car bottom furnace for mechanical parts


Heating process Industrial Car bottom furnace for mechanical parts



This equipment consists of furnace body (including lining), the oven door and open mechanism, the moving car, heating element, electrical control system and other parts.

1.The hot air circulation device makes electric furnace temperature uniformity, the workpiece heated evenly.

2. Electric furnace loading capacity, high productivity, is suitable for various kinds of parts tempering, quenching, preheating.

3. Furnace lining adopts full fiber structure, improve furnace heat preservation performance, save energy, reduce the production cost.

4. Convenient electric furnace with royal material and good operation condition.

5. No pollution, good environmental benefits.


Main application:

Used for heat treatment of general metal parts in the oxidation atmosphere such as normalizing, annealing and quenching.



A.rated power:240kw


B.The effective working size:2500(L)x1500(W)X1000(H)mm(customize)


C.Rated voltage:380V/3phase




E.Rated temperature:1100


F.Heating type:electric


G.Heating element connection:Y


H.Heating zone:2 zones


I.Temperature control:Master temperature control solid-state relay is controlled by digital display instrument.


J.temperature record :The paperless recorder, temperature display real-time temperature record.


K.Oven door open way: electric lifting


L.Trolley electric moving


M.Furnace temperature uniformity:±10


N.Surface temperature:50


O.Control accuracy:0.1 grade


P.Capacity: 12Ton


Q.Heating up time:2h





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