Tilting Oil Fired Copper Scrap Metal Melting Furnace Price

Product application

The inclined oil fired copper scrap metal melting furnace is used to melt copper scrap at rated temperature of 1250 ° C.

Combustion system:

Functions: temperature control, automatic ignition, flame detection and automatic start-up or shut-down of Burner Based on upper and lower temperature limits.

Furnace lining

Brand: United mineral company or domestic famous brand

The service life of casting material is long. According to the user's operating conditions, its service life is more than 3 years.

Emergency Exit

The furnace body is designed with an emergency exit to prevent the crucible from cracking.

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Graphite crucible

Graphite crucible is high quality brand Vesuvius or Morgan.

The capacity of the crucible can be customized.

electric control system

Electrical control system for Chint, Omron, Delixi and other high-quality brands.

Pipeline combustion system (optional)

Copper melting furnace can be equipped with our energy-saving pipeline combustion system. Advantages of pipeline combustion system compared with riello burner:

1) The performance of pipeline combustion system is more stable and the failure rate is lower.

2) The pipeline combustion system is more energy-saving than riello burner. Compared with oil burner, it can save about 10% energy.

3) The pipeline combustion system requires lower maintenance costs because customers only need to replace a single damaged component without replacing the burner kit.

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