Portable melting induction furnace for sale

Portable melting induction furnace main characteristics:

1. Adopt IGBT power devices and unique self-produced variable current control technology.

2. Cycle working rate: 100%, maximum power continuous 24 hours.

3. It has constant voltage / power control function.

4. Display of output power, frequency and current.

5. Mini, weight 50 to 130kg

6. Easy to operate and install, only need power and water connection.


Portable melting induction furnace features:

1. Power consumption: 30% less than tube type, SCR power consumption ratio 20%

2. Stable and complete performance, no worries.

3. Heating rate: no oxide layer, no deformation.

4. Easy to install and operate.

5. The sensor is isolated from the transformer, safe.

6. Environmental protection: no pollution, no dust, no dust.

7. Wide range of use: it can heat various cultural relics.

8. Low failure rate: ensure the stability of the equipment through strict screening and testing.


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