Metal melting industrial induction furnace

Metal melting industrial induction furnace product description

Metal melting industrial induction furnace

1. Our furnaces can help you manufacture high quality steel bars, billets, steel bars or other cast steel products

2. The highest temperature can reach 200 ° c, which can melt all kinds of scrap steel.

We can provide technical support for continuous caster and rolling mill.

Usually it can work for ten years.

The shell is made of cast aluminum Allies. Rugged enough to work longer and safer.

Metal melting industrial induction furnace of main parameters

a. Input Voltage/ Phase:         380V/3Phases;       

b. Input Power Frequency:        50HZ;

c. Rated Output Frequency:       0.8KHZ±20%;

d. Rated Output Power:             350KW;

e. Rated Input Current:             560A;

f. Rated Output Voltage:            750V;

g. Transformer Provided By Client:  630KVA;

h. Furnace Rated Capacity:          500kg;      

i. Furnace Highest Temperature:  2000 ℃;(control by power)

j. Melting Time:                          0.5t/h     

l. Cooling Circulating Water Flow:    35T/h,

m. Cooling Water Pressure            0.2MPa

n. Circulating Water Input Temperature: 2-35℃, Output Water Temperature:55℃

Metal melting industrial induction furnace of advantages

It can work 24 hours a day, can be charged or stopped at any time without any adverse effects;

Less slag, less oxidation loss, even metal content;

The power is easy to adjust, the operation is smooth, the temperature is easy to control, the oxidation loss is small, the metal content is even.

Rapid smelting, energy saving, pollution-free, in line with environmental requirements;

Compared with other companies, the induction coil of metal melting industrial induction furnace is better because:

1. The induction coil is made of high-quality TUI oxygen-free copper from chalco,(purity electrolytic copper ≥ 99.5%), original, not second-hand.

2. Scientific and reasonable design based on electromagnetic theory.

3. The coil joint adopts high silver welding, high conductivity and low loss.

4. Ensure the best inter-turn insulation material, high insulation and high electrothermal efficiency.

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