Metal Melting Electric Furnace For Copper

copper smelting furnace description:

Copper smelting furnace uses important excellent IGBT frequency module and our company's third generation current conversion control technology, which is a dual control of current conversion technology. The power and frequency can be adjusted separately. For example, IGBT soft switching device and amorphous inductor are used to form high frequency chopper circuit to adjust the power. IGBT Series Resonance and frequency automatic regulation technology can realize more accurate soft control inverter technology, which can ensure that the induction heater can work more reliably under the high power of 100% duty cycle. Compared with the second generation frequency conversion technology, the third generation is more suitable for high-power heater to show its reliability.


copper smelting furnace performance:

M. F. melting machine can be used to melt steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, gold and silver, etc. Due to the stirring effect caused by magnetic force, the molten pool can be stirred in the melting process to alleviate the floating and melting of flux. It can produce high quality castings. The working frequency range is 1kHz-20kHz. The working frequency can be designed by changing coil and compensating capacitor according to melting material, quantity, mixing effect requirements, working noise, melting efficiency and other factors.

1. When melting, it takes 50-60 minutes for cold furnace and 20-30 minutes for hot furnace.

2. The machine has constant current and frequency control function, which can improve heating efficiency and save more energy.

3. Easy to assemble. The connecting cables of the machine are marked to identify the documents and videos to be assembled. Just connect the power and water to complete the assembly, and only a few minutes to complete the cooling. Without professional assembly engineers, customers can save more time, energy and cost.

4. Easy to operate. The heating current and heat preservation function can be adjusted separately. Provide video guidance for the entire operation.

5. This machine has timing function. Heating speed (heating time) and holding time can be set digitally.

6. The machine has fault analysis and alarm system. In case of over-voltage, over-current, overheat, water failure and other faults, the process will regularly protect the main components. The machine is equipped with a fault alarm light, which is convenient for customers to find faults in time.

7.100% full load, can work continuously for 24 hours.

8. Frequency automatic tracking and adjusting system, no need to adjust frequency frequently when working.

9. Small size. Meet the requirements of factory production, school teaching and laboratory use.

10. energy saving. In the full power range, it has high power factor and power efficiency. Compared with silicon carbide intermediate frequency, it can save more than 20% energy.

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