Medium Frequency Steel Induction Melting Furnace

Smelting and heating furnaces. Application: mainly used for melting of cast iron, cast steel, copper and aluminum alloy.

It can also be used with self heating furnace and electric arc furnace to heat or heat molten iron and steel.

Structural features:

1. Solid steel structure, strong and durable;

2. Good magnetic isolation, safe and reliable;

3. Solid state variable frequency power supply, easy to operate; adjustable power, easy to operate and maintain

4. Easy to load or start without load

Equipment composition: furnace body, hydraulic mechanism, operation platform, low-voltage power system, electric capacitor cabinet, water temperature, pressure annunciator, water-cooling cable, furnace leakage alarm


Electrical characteristics:

1. The control circuit adopts the digital CMOS chip with the highest degree of integration in China, and the whole machine is controlled by a panel.

2. Frequency sweep zero voltage start, high success rate, no impact;

3. Automatic resistance regulation, permanent output power, saving 10-20% energy compared with domestic traditional models;

4. Automatic phase sequence adaptation, no synchronization;

5. Frequency sweep zero voltage start, high success rate, no impact;

6. Highly integrated in the control circuit, no need to use high-speed starter and relay circuit, the failure rate is very low;

7. Full digital design, strong anti-interference, no temperature change during continuous operation;

8. Multiple protection functions (for over-current, over-voltage, insufficient water pressure, power failure or phase loss) and misoperation will not damage the machine.


1) 1600 ℃

2) the induction heating adopts the static frequency conversion of thyristor as the intermediate frequency power supply

3) pouring action driven by machinery or oil pressure

4) high efficiency, low noise, convenient operation and maintenance

5) purpose: refining ferrous metals, smelting non-ferrous metals and precious metals such as copper and aluminum

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