MIM Vacuum Degreasing and Sintering Furnace


Product Description

1. We adopt independent heating device and temperature measuring component for this integrated vacuum degreasing and sintering furnace, whereupon heat uniformity can be readily achieved and maintained.
2. Our vacuum degreasing furnace is renowned for utilization of high efficiency 
SWEEP-GASTM degreasing system, covering grease collecting, filtering, rough cleaning and fine cleaning. Unique vapor degreasing system is also available for amazing speed and efficiency.
Directional air injection facilitates degreasing effect in a holistic approach. Moreover, constant slight-negative pressure is maintained inside the vacuum sintering furnace, whereby restraining metal volatilization and bettering product compactness and quality.
Program temperature controller is employed. PLC is responsible for fully automatic control on temperature and production procedure. Furthermore, our vacuum furnace is applauded for cutting-edge interlocking function, as well as audible and visual alarms on overpressure, overheat or too high watertemperature.
5. Internal circulation system adopts high efficiency heat exchanging technique to blow workpiece in multiple directions, whereby providing fast and uniformed cooling effect.

Product Application

The integrated vacuum degreasing and sintering furnace is the fantastic industrial furnace for degreasing and sintering of powder metallurgies and metal injection molding products including stainless steel, hard alloy, superalloy, high density alloy, ceramic material, magnetic material and NdFeB, etc.This powder metallurgy equipment offers continuous workflow covering degreasing,

pre-sintering, sintering and fast cooling. Consequently, daunting procedures are successfully avoided, such as repeatable transport, heating and cooling to name a few. As a result, our customers benefit from drastically reduced quality failure, labor load, production cycle and cost.


Related Names: Vacuum Furnace| Sintering Furnace| Degreasing Sintering Furnace| Heat Treatment Furnace| Vacuum Sintering Degreasing Furnace| Vacuum Sintering Debinding Furnace

Main technical parameter

Working Area(W*H*L): 500*500*2000mm

Loading Capacity: 1000kg

Max Temperature: 1550

Temperature Uniformity: +/-5℃

Heating Power: 240Kw

Ultimate Vacuum: 1Pa

Pressure Rising Rate: 0.67Pa/h

Debinding Atmosphere: Ar/N2

Remark:The parameter based on SS materials sintering. The data is variable for different material.

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