Electric induction crucible tilting melting furnace

Electric induction crucible tilting melting furnace

Inclined melting furnace of application

This product is mainly used for bicycles, sewing machine parts, tractors, automobiles, electrical appliances, instruments and other products of various shapes of small parts, standard parts of bulk gas carburizing, gas carbonitriding and quenching purposes.

The flow process of an inclined melting furnace

Thick wire → steel wire →ing head → rolling wire → heat treatment → electroplating (color) → packaging

(1). Pull the thick line to the desired jumper. (wire drawing machine)

(2). Adjust, produce and form screw heads on the roadheader. (screw head machine)

(3). Grind the teeth on the coil roller and complete the screw (roller).

(4). Semi-finished screws for heat treatment as per standard (heat treatment furnace)

(5). According to the requirements, carry out process electroplating, etc. (galvanizing machine)

(6). Package and delivery

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