Cast steel melting induction furnace

The main parts of the furnace system:

1. Intermediate frequency induction heating generator.

2. The melting pot.

Features of intermediate frequency melting furnace

Better heat permeability and the internal temperature of molten metal.

MF field forces can agitate the molten pool to achieve better melting quality.

According to the machine recommended in the above table, the maximum melting time is 50-60 minutes. This is the first melting when the stove is cold, while it takes about 20-30 minutes to melt when the stove is hot.

Suitable for melting steel, iron, copper, bronze, gold, silver and aluminum, tin, magnesium, stainless steel

Cast steel melting induction furnace

Cast steel melting induction furnace technical parameters

Capacity10kg Iron/ Steel/ Stainless Steel
Input power desire3 phase 380V 50/60HZ
Input power35KVA
Max input current51A
Output voltage70-550V
Output current10-70A
Oscillate frequency1-20KHZ
Cooling water desire (heating power)≥0.2MPa  ≥4L/Min
Cooling water desire(heating power +furnace)≥0.3MPa  ≥10L/Min
Duty cycle100% 40°C
Melting SpeedFurnace cool furnace: 50-60mins
       Second heated furnace: 20-30mins
Net Dimensions(L*W*G)Heating power: 620*560*1350mm
       Furnace: 670*870*950mm
Net weight115kg/110kg
Cable length2-6(Meters)

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