Fast cooling of up to 2 bar continuous vacuum induction melting furnace


Product Description

Continuous vacuum melting furnace,vertical structure, assembled by the melting chamber, the cooling chamber, temperature measurement devices, feeding devices, vacuum system, control system, melting system, cooling system, operating platform and other components.

Melting chamber,loading chamber and cooling chamber are all separated with a vacuum valve,which can load and put in the melting chamber without breaking the vacuum condition,adding alloy material, removing or ingot casting to achieve continuous operation, improving work efficiency. Meanwhile, the furnaces can cast more than one mold . Loading chamber and  temperature measurement chamber are adopted the Electric horizontally structure,which can be fully automated operation. Mainly for the material like iron-based, nickel-based, cobalt-based alloys,other super alloy, high temperature alloys, magnetic materials and precision casting

Product Application

All kinds of high temperature alloy, precision alloy, iron-based alloy, nickel-base alloy; and steel, special steel, some nonferrous metals and its alloy, rare earth permanent magnetic material, samarium cobalt (SmCo) material, samarium iron material, hydrogen storage material can be realized by the furnace.;

Main parameters

Capacity(kg): 150

Max. temperature.(C): 1750

Ultimate pressure(Pa): 7×10-2

Pressure rising rate(Pa/h): 2.0

Rated medium frequency power(Kw): 175

Rated intermediate frequency(Hz): 2000

Cooling water consumption(m3/h): 7.5

Cooling water pressure(MPa): 0.3

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