Laboratory Electric Argon Arc Furnace


Laboratory Electric Argon Arc Furnace for Melting Vacuum Argon Heat Treatment Furnace


Furnace Body Cover: Double layer water cooling arched cover.
The cover in vertical body have two tension spring for balance the weight and easy open the cove. When the cover closed, the two springs also can provide the well sealing pressure for ensuring the good vacuum. But The cover in horizontal type body is adopt the rotation press locking device. The furnace door is side open.

Electrode device: The electrode device at left side of furnace body, it can be both as electrode to power supply to the induction heater, and also as a fulcrum shaft to the induction heater and crucible.The electrode installed on sealing sewing bearing. When the crucible need to tilting, It can go through and operated the hand shank on the bearing to make the metal liquid pour out.

Alloy feeder: The alloy feeder have six cases, which can feed the material under the situation of vacuum or atmosphere protection. Turning to 60 degree of hand wheel, there have one case material fall into the skip bucket, and skip bucket have damping plate, which can let the material falling slow.

Inspection window: There have a inspection window on furnace cover for checking the melting situation. The window have a activity sunshade, opened at short time when plan to see with operated by the handle at outside cover. So it closed at normal time for avoid burning crush by the heat energy and polluted by the metal liquid gas.

Induction heater: The induction heater coil made by rectangle copper, and installed on the electrode. The interior of coil can be putted the molding crucible.


Temperature measuring device: The temperature measuring device installed on suction pipe at right side of furnace body.When plan to measure the temperature, please pulling up the spring cotter and rotated the operation handle to make the end of thermocouple into the metal liquid. (The thermocouple and quartz protection pipe prepared by the client). If the client want to use the infrared temperature measurement, we also can design a position for it


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