Induction electric arc scrap steel melting furnace

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Induction electric arc scrap steel melting furnace


Description :


1. Induction copper melting furnace use IGBT and high frequency technology, it melt more faster than intermedia frequency furnace.

2.This high frequency can melt platinum, rhodium and palladium, gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminium, activated carbon, gold dust sands, electrolysis mud, gold and silver powder, tin ash tin slag through change diffierent crucibles.

3.This Induction gold melting furnace can melt weight from 2KG--100KG per time.melting time from 5-40 minutes. max temperature will be 1500C--2000C.

4.Induction gold melting furnace have fixed type, push out type, auto pouring type, furnace up down moving type.


Application :


1.Heat treatment: Hardening, annealing, tempering of auto parts, motorcycles, hardware tools, gears, sprockets, pneumatic, hydraulic accessories.

2.Hot forming: Diathermy of small workpiece, hot forging and hot rolling of twist drill.

3.Welding: The welding of turning/woodworking tools, drill bits, serrated blade, steel, copper wall, similar metal.

4.Metal melting: (Vacuum) molding, casting molding and evaporation coating of gold, silver, Fe, Al and other metals.

5.Other applications: The production of semiconductor single crystal, with hot, bottle sealing, sealing toothpaste, powder coating, metal embedded in plastic and so on .


Parameter :



Gold Silver copper melting capactiy:50kg

Max Input Current:75A


Rate :15-35KHZ


Continuons load rate:100%

Cooling water flow:20L/min(0.1MPa)

Cooling water pressure:0.1-0.3mp

Host weight :55kg

Host dimensions:590*450*780mm

Transformer Dimensions: 420*335*450mm



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