High temperature melting vacuum crucible furnace

High temperature melting vacuum crucible furnace product description

STA crucible furnace passed the ISO international quality system certification and the EU CE certification, tilt induction crucible furnace have been sold to Europe, belarus and Russia, kosovo, Portugal, Africa, Libya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South America, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, North America, Asia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, bahrain, tajikistan, uzbekistan, north Korea, Poland, Iran, Columbia, Australia, Iran, etc

High temperature melting vacuum crucible furnace details

The 1250C vacuum crucible furnace is designed for sintering ceramic parts and components in the laboratory.

The crucible furnace has a unique ceramic fiber insulation around the furnace chamber, providing excellent uniformity and energy efficiency.

The heating element is embedded in the insulating material to maximize the transfer of heat to the chamber. The highest temperature can reach 1250°C

High temperature melting vacuum crucible furnace

Crucible furnace technical data

Furnace Structure & Chamber


  • Double Layer steel structure with air cooling

  • High purity fiber alumina insulation ( made in Japan factory) for max.energy saving

  • Heating chamber size: Ø100 x 140H (mm)    

  • Hinged type cover for easy sample loading

   All accessories are included for immediate use:

  One pcs refractory disk, which can be put on bottom of furnace to protect furnace liner from wearing out.

  Three pcs refractory supports, which may be put on top of the disk and bottom of the crucible to adjusting crucible height.


1.5KW Max.


AC 208 ~ 240V Single Phase 50/60Hz

 Max. Temperature

  • Max.  1250 °C  for short time < 1hour

  • Continuous working temperature:   < 1200°C 

 Max. Heating Rate

40 °C /min

 Temperature controller

  • PID automatic control and auto-tune function.

  • 30 programmable segments for precise process

Built in protection for over-heated and broken Thermal couple.  

 Temperature Accuracy

+/- 1 °C

 Heating Element

 1300oC grade Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo


Aroud 400 x 430 x 420mm

 Net Weight

About 30 Kg


One year limited warranty


  • CE Certifie

Optional accessories

Vacuum pump , spare crucible 

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