Aluminum - covered electric crucible copper induction melting furnace

Advantages of induction melting furnace:

1.IGBT (INFINEON) technology, high conversion efficiency;

2. Compared with SCR/KGPS technology, the energy saving is 15%-30%

Gas and coal, the start-up success rate is 100%; Power factor > 95%;

3, perfect and perfect protection function, improve the reliability and stability of the machine;

4. No special foundation is required, low operation cost and easy operation;

5. Modular design, easy to maintain and repair;

Main applications:

1) heating, quenching, quenching, annealing and tempering of large metal parts/rods/rods,Normalizing, brazing, silver brazing, etc.

2) heat treatment of various metal materials:

3) quenching/hardening of large shafts, gears and standard bolts/rods/nuts

4) surface hardening: the layer is about 2 ~ 3mm

Composition of intermediate frequency induction furnace:

1. Medium frequency induction heating power supply

2. The melting pot

3. Compensation capacitor

4. Accessories.


1. The installation and operation are very easy to learn;

2. Portable and light; Covers less than 1.0 square meters;

3. 24-hour continuous melting capacity;

4. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection;

It's easy to change the stove to melt different materials.

Melting features of intermediate frequency machine:

1. The internal heating permeability of molten metal is better and the temperature is even.

2. Intermediate frequency strength can stir the molten pool to achieve better melting quality.

3. According to the above data, with the recommended maximum melting amount of the machine, the first melting takes 20 minutes to preheat the furnace when it is cold, and the melting time is about 20-30 minutes when the furnace is already hot. Every batch.

Aluminum - covered electric crucible copper induction melting furnace

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