500kg induction vacuum melting furnace

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500kg induction vacuum melting furnace




Structure type: Vertical and Horizontal type,

it is assembled by vacuum melting chamber, melting devices, translational transmission molding device,vacuum system, melting power supply,

automatic control system,multi-vacuum melting furnace work position observation window,water cooling system, working platform and so on vacuum melting furnace


Application :


It is a set of equipment that is for metal melting under the vacuum condition which is applied the medium frequency induction heating principle.

It is widely used in scientific research and producing departments for nickel base and its special steel, precision alloy,NdFeB ( neodymium iron boron ),dysprosium metal, reactive metals,high temperature alloys,hydrogen storage material,magnetic materials,

The research and production of non-ferrous metals and their alloys.


Parameter :


vacuum induction melting furnace:melting, casting


Ultimate vacuum:Custom made

Pressure rising rate:2.0pa/h

Max temperature

Custom made:

Temperature uniformity:±3/ ±5

Heating power:Custom made

Temperature control method:Intelligent programmable temp controller

Control method:PLC auto/manual interlock protection







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